Why choose the Michigan Wolves?

Since 1974 the Michigan Wolves have established a tradition of excellence in developing teams and players from across Michigan, and we continue to achieve that goal today.  We accomplish that goal through everybody associated with the club living our clubs mission of 'preparing players for the next steps in soccer and in life' and exhibiting our core values of 'character, commitment and courage'.

We are more than just a soccer club, we are family!

What is the clubs philosophy on Player Development?

At every age we strive to develop players who......

Work to improve

Own their development

Love the game

Value Character, Commitment and Courage

Excel & make a positive difference

Solve problems

At these specific age groups the players are in the 'training to train' phase of our curriculum.  Our focus is on creating an enjoyable training environment that is developmentally focused and encourages players to work diligently, in training and games, in order to maximize their potential.

How often does each team train?

Each team trains twice per week during the fall, winter and spring seasons. 

Training traditionally starts in the second week in August and runs through June.  There is a break from training during thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

What leagues do our teams play in?

The U11 & U12 age groups play in the MSYSA Directors Academy or Western Suburban Soccer League (WSSL).  Having different league options allows us to balance the level of competition for each team, which leads to more meaningful, developmentally appropriate games.

The Directors Academy is a state wide league and exposes our players to the most competitive clubs from around Michigan.  Our top teams play in tier one of the league, which means travel could be state wide.  Our other teams play in tier 2 or 3 will have more local travel.

WSSL is a more local league, which includes clubs and individual teams from in and around the western suburbs.  Travel is less than in the Directors Academy.

Who are the members of the Wolves staff?

The Michigan Wolves have arguably the best staff in the region.  All our staff are licensed through US Soccer and the United Soccer Coaches organizations.  For more information please check out the TEAMS page and COACHES bios.

The U11 & U12 Age Group Director is Shaun Gray. Shaun is originally from Liverpool, England.  While in England Shaun played professionally, playing for Morecambe FC (05-06), Fleetwood Town FC (06-08) and Southport FC (08-11).  He has coached at all levels; youth, high school and collegiate levels.  He started coaching with the Wolves in 2017 and currently coaches in both the MLS NEXT and DA programs. Shaun currently holds the US Soccer 'B' License and the United Soccer Coaches 'National' Diploma.

Where do our teams train and play?

The Wolves have arguably the best facilities in the state. Our teams primarily utilize the Trinity Health Sports Dome and the lighted outdoor stadium field at Schoolcraft College.

What tournaments or events do our teams compete in?

Our teams play in tournaments both in Michigan and around the region.  Our objective when choosing tournaments is to find events that will provide meaningful competitive games against competition we usually do not find in league play.

Will there be extra opportunities for high performing players?

The short answer to this question is YES.  This falls into two different categories; highly motivated players who want additional training opportunities and high performing players.  When allocating extra training the club wants to make sure we are not exposing the players to overuse injuries and stay within a healthy number of training sessions per week

Highly motivated players who are seeking extra training opportunities will be provided with opportunities. The decision on which team to do extra training with should be between the coach and the parents.  A unique schedule will then be provided.

High performing players within their own teams will be given opportunities to train and play with different teams within their own age group or the age group above.  These decisions will be made in collaboration between the players head coach, the head coach of the proposed team and the age group director.  This decision will only be made if it is in the best interests of the players development.

For more information please reach out to the age group director and / or your head coach.


Shaun Gray

Email: shaunygray24@gmail.com

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U11 - 2013 - Directors Academy Pool

Wolves '13 Academy - Shaun Gray

Wolves '13 Academy Black - Lee Mulvaney

U11 - 2013 - MSDSL Pool

Wolves '13 Pre-Academy - David Jannati

Wolves '13 Pre-Academy Black - Nick Atwood

U12 - 2012 - Directors Academy Pool

Wolves '12 Academy - Shaun Gray

Wolves '12 Academy Black - Lee Mulvaney

Wolves '12 Pre-Academy - David Jannati

U12 - 2012 - MSDSL Pool

Wolves '12 Pre-Academy Black - Nick Atwood

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