Michigan Wolves – Hawks
Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness

Michigan Wolves and Hawks’ Families

We will be running an October month-long silent auction online to help us raise more money for Breast Cancer Research.  We will be asking for donations that we can auction off online.  Donations need to be donate 2 weeks before the event or by the end of the October.  Bidding will stop on each event item 2 days before the event or on Oct 31st for all non-event donations.

If you have something that you would like to donate, please send an email to Michele Krzsinik at krzisnik@earthlink.net.

In that email, please send

  • Picture of the item
  • Description of the item
  • Suggested auction starting price
  • Realistic buy now price.

Each item will be put up on the site to be bid on

Thanks again for all of your support.

Doug Landefeld